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Removing Mental Blocks

Many of these complexes are formed in childhood and adolescence.
When unpleasant or traumatic experiences take place Pat Tillman Hat , the tendency
of a child or teenager is to repress them. Repression is a form of
pushing the psychic memories into the unconscious regions of the
mind. The growing youth may not be able to recollect those psychic
memories again, but the repressed samskaras lodged in the hidden
recesses of the unconscious go on creating psychological and
psychosomatic problems for him.

All psychosomatic disorders cannot be cured by holistic health tech-
niques unless these repressed complexities are ferreted out and
confronted. The past samskaras should be deactivated. For this
the seeker has to dive deep into his unconscious & encounter the
past experiences and deactivate them.

Most people find it difficult to do it without the active help of a
competent guide. Those who depend on the Ocean of Consciousness
( the Absolute or God ) may , however, find that these inner blocks
are removed by Divine Grace. This is the rationale behind faith healing
& miraculous cures.

Extension of Consciousness

Life Markus Golden Hat ,a gift from the Divine, is a great healing power. Nothing ever
begins to be; Substance merely undergoes a parallel transformation
into conditions which pre-existed in other conditions. Life, similarly,
does not begin to be. As Energy D.J. Humphries Hat , as per the Law of Conservation of
Energy or Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so too is Life Eternal.

At the physical level, the eternal healing power of life manifests itself as

a) Self-renewal
b) The immune system.

For many years it has been known that the body can filter and re-use
its fluids & repair damages to tissues, especially skin and bone Budda Baker Hat , by
growing new cells. Modern Science has shown that self-renewal is
constantly taking place in every part of the body. Almost all the cells in
the body are constantly being replaced by new ones. Somebody said
“ I am not the same person I was one year ago”! The entire body gets
renewed in this way every year & this shows that it is never too late
to regain your health. By changing one's basic attitudes and way of
living, the damage to the body caused by years of misuse & neglect
can be overcome.

One the great marvels of the universe is the human immune system.
Those who are aware of the biochemical processes going on in
the body will agree with Walt Whitman “ To me every hour of the
day & night is an unspeakably perfect miracle”. Dr Walter Cannon
said “ The Wisdom of the body is the most precise of all selective
refinements” !

The Components ( Four Units ) of our Immune System

The fourfold immune system consists of the following units;

1 The granulocyte-macrophage unit

2. The lymphocyte unit

3. The antibody unit

4. The complement unit

The first two are varieties of white blood corpuscles, wherein the last
two are chemicals, proteins. All the four units of our immune system
launch a concerted attack on the invaders as soon as a few bacteria
break into any tissue in the body. ( The antibody unit has been
defined as an army of one million) Western medical science is
wondering who masterminds this attack or who plans these strategies.
Common sense Haason Reddick Hat , logic, intuition & experience suggest that somewhere
behind all this there must be a master control. Why do sometimes cells
become malignant and attack neighbouring cells ? Why it goes awry,
sometimes,when our defence units attack innocent cells mistaking them
for enemy microbes ? Western medical science is researching
hard to find answers to these difficult questions.

About the Author

Article by G Kumar Chase Edmonds Hat , astrologer, academician & programmer. He has created
Astro Softwares at http:www.eastrovedicahtmlastrology_software.htm.
He believes that Knowledge is the criterion for Success and his ebooks are
available at http:www.eastrovedicahtmlebooks.htm and he recommends
digital products for Knowledge at

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