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WARSAW, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) – The physical fitness of Polish children and youngsters has worsened in every aspect in recent years, Polish Press Agency reported on Friday.

The report quoted a recent research made by National Center of Physical Condition Examination as reporting that a continuous worsening of fitness examination results can be observed since 1999. The results were obtained after conducting various efficiency tests.

Janusz Dobosz Phd, the author of recent research, compared the efficiency tests results of children and youngsters conducted under his supervision in 2009 with the results of the similar tests held in previous decades.

In 1979, a boy aged seven could run 600 meters in a time 39.2 seconds faster than today. Such a subject could also hold onto a horizontal gymnastics bar for 17 seconds while the time today is less than 7 seconds. The worsening results concern both boys and girls.

Researchers believe the changes are mostly caused by a lack of physical activity, changes in lifestyle, and other ways of leisure and pastimes.

They warned the symptoms pose severe threats to health and lead to negative changes as far as respiratory system, bone system or circulatory systems are concerned. It means also a bigger burden for the country's budget when it comes to health and medical expenses.

Gemma richards
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