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Why and why on earth people get addicted to online games Chris Tierney Womens Jersey , it is so ridiculous! Don t you think that they actually are all egoists that take pleasure as they beat up others in the games? What happens when you kill someone in somewhere imaginary?! Does it sate your urge of violence? If so, one should go to a psychologist instead of trying to satisfy themselves through these. There are even people who do PAY for these online game madness. They work and earn money in life, they get strained, they get bored and tired. They want to relax and pay what they earned to these games.

Why do you work for if you are going to waste all your money on games which do naught but and even that is a sad dam relax you and rip you of strain. This way or the other, they are addictive and our children must be kept away from online games. It is a complete waste of time, waste of will and waste of effort and it doesn t entertain at all! Have you not seen any children on TV that go mad because of these games? Because, when they fail they actually get troubled and depressed and they want to win? And unlike single player games Tomas Hertl Womens Jersey , the fact that they cannot cheat in online games because there are other players playing it, they are bound to loose, and as they loose they feel worse and worse until a point that this damages their personality? They become humans which do not trust themselves, which isn t socialized, which doesn t have a place in society nor aware of that they are going to get role in economy and be mature someday. It is so horrific to see one youngster go into this and loose himself. I myself haven t seen anybody that played an online game, left, and claim it was good times. All the people thank god that they could make it Martin Jones Womens Jersey , and quitting the game was one of the best decisions in life. Doesn t it seem a lot like some psychological problem we already know? Addiction. Like drug addiction, smoking, money and maybe power, this is a serious addiction too and certainly must be avoided. It is true that you do meet people all around the world and get to know them quite a bit, but it is rather slower than you might do it already in real life by real experiences and also less teaching. A person can go out, join clubs and crowds, talking with people Joonas Donskoi Womens Jersey , learning what they are about, and he can help the universe when it is needed, help the people around him, help his city, help his country, help the world. What if you are playing an online game? Well what you will do is quite simple but it is hard if you are past the addiction line. Cancel your subscription, stop paying and wasting your money Joe Pavelski Womens Jersey , get out, go to a pub, get a drink, go sit near someone and start a conversation, and meet them, learn how they live, learn what other people apart from yourself do Patrick Marleau Womens Jersey , what kind of place it is, out there, on your city.

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