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Making It

Posted by jesuslewis on August 8th, 2017

In January of 1903, the small Boston magazine Handicraft ran an essay by the Harvard professor Denman W. Ross, who argued that the American Arts and Crafts movement was in deep crisis. The movement was concerned with promoting good taste and self-fulfillment through the creation and the appreciation of beautiful objects; its more radical wing also sought to advance worker autonomy. The problem was that no one in America seemed to need its products. The solution, according to Ross, was to provide technical education to the critics and the consumers of art alike. This would stimulate demand for high-quality objects and encourage more workers to take up craftsmanship. The cause of the Arts and Crafts movement would be achieved Zach Werenski Youth Jersey , he maintained, only “when the philosopher goes to work and the working man becomes a philosopher.”

In a long rebuttal, Mary Dennett, who later became an important advocate for women’s rights, pointed out that the roots of the problem were economic and moral. Reforming the school curriculum wouldn’t do much to change the structural conditions that made craftsmanship impossible. The Arts and Crafts movement was spending far too much time on “rag-rugs, baskets Jack Johnson Youth Jersey , and . . . exhibitions of work chiefly by amateurs,” rather than asking the most basic questions about inequality. “The employed craftsman can almost never use in his own home things similar to those he works on every day,” she observed, because those things were simply unaffordable. Economics, not aesthetics, explained the movement’s failures. “The modern man Sergei Bobrovsky Youth Jersey , who should be a craftsman, but who, in most cases, is compelled by force of circumstances to be a mill operative, has no freedom,” she wrote earlier. “He must make what his machine is geared to make.”

Dennett’s tireless social activism bore fruit in other realms Artemi Panarin Youth Jersey , but she lost this fight to aesthetes like Ross. As the historian Jackson Lears describes it in “No Place of Grace” (1981), the Arts and Crafts movement no longer represented a radical alternative to the alienated labor of the factories. Instead, it provided yet another therapeutic escape from it, turning into a “revivifying hobby for the affluent.” Lears concluded, “The craft impulse has become dispersed in millions of do-it-yourself projects and basement workshops, where men and women have sought the wholeness Seth Jones Youth Jersey , the autonomy, and the joy they cannot find on the job or in domestic drudgery.”
Although the Arts and Crafts movement was dead by the First World War, the sentiment behind it lingered. It resurfaced in the counterculture of the nineteen-sixties, with its celebration of simplicity, its back-to-the-land sloganeering, and Josh Anderson Womens Jersey , especially, its endorsement of savvy consumerism as a form of political activism. The publisher and sage Stewart Brand was the chief proponent of such views. “The consumer has more power for good or ill than the voter,” he announced in the pages of his “Whole Earth Catalog,” which débuted in 1968 and was geared to communalists and others who sought to drop out of the mainstream.

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MOSCOW, May 20 (Xinhua) – At least five people died and 45 others were injured when two trains collided in the Moscow region Tuesday, the Interior Ministry said.

"A total of 50 people got injured Nick Foligno Womens Jersey , and five of them died,“ the RIA Novosti news agency quoted an unnamed spokesman for the operational team at the scene as saying.

Another source in law enforcement agencies told the Interfax news agency that 25 people were rushed to hospitals outside Moscow, and three of them were in intensive care.

The collision occurred near the Bekasovo station about 70 km southwest of Moscow at 13:00 p.m. Moscow time (1000 GMT). Several carriages of a cargo train derailed and hit a passenger train going on the neighboring track to Moldovan capital Chisinau from Moscow.

”Preliminary investigation showed the crash happened due to the freighter's broken bogie,“ Interfax quoted an unnamed source in the Russian Railways company as saying.

The source also said the cargo train ”belongs to Ukraine."

The number of casualties might grow as rescuers removed passengers form the wrecks. The Emergencies Ministry has deployed seven helicopters to rush wounded people to hospitals in nearby towns.

Russian authorities have opened a criminal case over the collision.

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