A lot of people complain that they find writing hard. But what really makes writing so hard? Just writing random words on paper is easy. What is hard is turning those words into sentences conveying the ideas you are trying to convey. A writer often writes a sentence and then delete it because we do not like how it sounds, then sit staring at a blank piece of paper not knowing how to re-write it. Writing is termed as expressing ideas to the readers. So before writing one has to figure out the ideas we want to convey. Many people type of writing to explain their own ideas. It is really hard to focus on both the content of what we are conveying. It is good to forget about presentation temporarily so that one can focus all attention on the content. Most of them sit many hours to plan the essay. Best thing to do is Scribble ideas down with pen and paper to figure out what points to write. essay writing services give a good aid in writing essays. Then makes detailed notes on how to present those ideas. Once it is done the actual writing seems to be easy. Sometimes the boundary between writing to clarify ideas and writing as presentation seems difficult. The hardest part of writing is just getting those first words onto the page. Once we have got the first draft down - even if it is a mess – it is much easier to edit it into something logical. Trying to start from rough ideas and producing a masterpiece is never going to happen, and accepting that your first draft is likely to be far from perfect is incredibly useful. Writing is a different process for different people, so what works well for one might not work for others - and similarly, what one person finds hard about writing might not apply to everyone.