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Residential Elevators in Hyderabad | Home Lifts Manufacturers in Hyderabad by JR
Posted by SAI9879 on June 28th nike air vapormax australia , 2018

Residential Elevators in Hyderabad | Home Lifts Manufacturers in Hyderabad by JR One Lifts

We are providing the Best Residential Elevators in Hyderabad with low cost. JR One lifts is the leading Home Lifts Manufacturers in Hyderabad. As one of the leading elevator suppliers in Hyderabad we tend to offer the best residential elevators within the market, with a preference for providing to our customers lifts and elevators with superior quality, delicate craftsmanship and tailor created styles which will be designed into new or existing design. We tend to are within the forefront joined of the leading lift suppliers in Hyderabad. We’ve got exclusive offers for householders at reasonable and competitive costs that add easy access, comfort nike air max 97 mens australia , and super worth to their homes. As pioneering elevator suppliers in Hyderabad we tend to vow to supply you personal elevator comfort. we tend to are well established lift suppliers in Hyderabad our Home Elevators and lifts are put in for your convenience to boost the worth of your home, and additionally offer you with a novel elevators. Keeping our purchasers in mind, we tend to facilitate them in putting in elevators and lifts that meet the sensible desires of individuals living within the comfort of their own homes.

To view more details:


Suitable for : Low rise residential apartments, designed for builders

Advantages: Speed nike air max 97 australia , interiors, direct landing system, automatic rescue device, It has all high end features in basic price

Power: 3 phase

Capacity: 6 persons (408 kg)

Speed: 1 ms

Travel: up to 11 stops

Car shades: MS powder coat painted nike air max 97 ultra australia , half length mirror, hand rail, led lighting

Car Door: MS collapsible MS telescopic manual door

Landing Door: MS Swing Door

Operating System: Geared Traction Automatic doors, SS Cabin nike air max 97 undefeated australia , higher capacity (up to 680 kg) available on request



Plot.No.59A, SV Co-operative Industrial Estate, Beside : Big Basket Godown, Opp.IDPL nike air presto pink australia , Balanagar, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500037.
M: 9391135549, 9703734359

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