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"At the beginning, we are

“At the beginning, we are all children. In the end, the desire to become an angel. The song of singing, singing the shadow of a fairy tale. The child of the child, where to fly.” This is a section of the day of Beijing East Road. The lyrics are correct. We have come out from the mother��s stomach. Since we have been sensible, we have been learning all the time. How do we come from the first grade to the sixth grade? It��s Mom and Dad, the teachers encouraged, we are not sensible. I always don��t listen to my mom and dad��s teacher. I know how to play, play, and play. We are now grown up. We know that we have to listen to mom and dad��s words. We don��t talk to our mom and dad, and we��re not awkward with the teacher. My parents�� encouragement makes me understand. The importance of learning, there is a saying that “reading all in self-use, teachers but leading the way.” This sentence is one of my favorite famous sayings, this sentence means that reading depends on your own hard work. The teacher only took the role of leading the door.y of learning arises from the interest and depth of the learning content. Everyone in the world loves to learn, but the methods and content of learning are dif study is sour and sweet. We have been swimming in the ocean of study for several years. I opened the books of the first and second grades and looked at the untidy fonts. I thought of my current achievements and my heart was sour. I vowed to get into a good school Marlboro Menthol 100S, graduated, and I really don��t want to leave them. The days we are studying together are the best. Slowly thinking back, tears have flowed down for years, and I��m home. Seto are busy writing new couplets! Of course, in the New Year, everyone has a lot of wishes, and I am no exception. My wish is actually very simple. I don��t need to make a fortune overnight, I am rich and expensive, because I feel that I am very happy when doing homework. There are moms and dads with me, no question. No matter how late they come from work, how tired they are, they always teach me carefully. I still have my grandmother who loves me. I cook delicious meals every day waiting for me to come back from school… In the New Year, my wish is only one - Mom and Dad are happy every day, everything can be smooth, because there have been too many serious thik afternoon Parliament Cigarettes, my aunt worked at my pharmacy, but when I used the shredder to powder, my fingers accidentally touched the motor under the shredder, and two fingers broke the motor. I stood by, scared my eyes with my hands, and I cried, and the blood stained the floor of my home. My mother felt very guilty. I drove to the hospital and cried. “How come you are so careless. I know that you let me powder it. I am really…” Just arrived at the hospital, and the phone rang. Get up: “Your brother has taken away 110,000 in my company. You must find him soon. If you can't find him, you can't get any money. You will be in jail!” I was so cramped and cried, “How come this year is so bad, 2013 has just begun, what am I doing?” When I heard this Marlboro Cigarettes Online, my heart was like a knife, saying: " Mom, don't cry, everything will be fine Cigarettes Cheaper, then, you still have me.�� The hospital asked for 20,000 yuan, and the mother couldn't get so much money for a while, so she had to pay in installments. After the mother paid the money, she immediately rushed to the company. After the mother asked clearly Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, she quickly rushed to the house, but she was not at home. Like the evaporation of the human world, she could not find him. For the sake of these two things, my mother didn��t think about it all day, and she was a bitter, and her work was later than before. When I asked my mother: “Mom, you are fine! Don��t be unhappy for you and your aunt, smile. My mother is in a bad mood and said with anger: ”When such a big thing happens, how do you tell me how to laugh, these things don't need you to manage, you just concentrate on learning.“ ”I ran back to the room with anger, and cursed loudly: "Hey, I won't take care of you anymore. You bad guys, so that my family can't be peaceful. You'd better be cahome has disappeared. If there is a choice, I would rather use the rich and the rich to change the laughter from home. If a family has only money, no happiness, no happiness, such a home. I would rather not live, even if there is no penny at home, I will never leave my closest father, mother and grandmother.


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