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My first cooking was a coincidence

My first cooking was a coincidence. When my father went on a business trip, my mother had just happened, and I was left aloneed to see my mother cooking rice in the kitchen. So, I wanted to show my skills in front of my mother Marlboro Gold, cook a pot of fragrant, soft rice for her, and comfort her. Just do it, I roll up my sleeves and let my hands shower. Then I pick up the measuring cup and think about it, how many meters should I cook? I remembered what my mother usually said: “Today, if you don't add vegetables, it is enough to cook 2 and a half cups.” I carefully pondered it. Usually it is three people. It is almost like cooking one and a half cups today. I poured the rice carefully into the pot, for fear that a grain of rice fell out and looked at the white flowers. I couldn��t help but think of it: Who knows the Chinese food Newport Cigarettes Price, the grain is hard.��“ bell interrupted my thinking, I quickly picked up the rice, the cold water flowed to my hand, I bite my teeth, usually I am very pampered, a little bit of a fuss, Give up and give up. Today, I don't know where the courage comes from, regardless of the temperature of the water, the rice is clean. The water suddenly turned white.erything is ready, I wipe the water off the bottom of the pot, plug it in, and wait patiently. After a while, my mother came back and she smelled the smell of the rice that was blowing in the face. She opened her mouth and asked me in amazement: ”Wei Wei, is your father coming back? Or is your mother-in-law coming over to cook the rice?" The years are long, the waves are gone, the time is gone, the love will be unforgettable, in me. The blood is spinning and flowing.~, when I walked out the door, I bumped into the breeze. The wind contained the smell of gardenia, and it was refreshing in the morning! I walked slowly on the field path, everything was so peaceful, so quiet. I picked up a leaf and gently touched it. I felt the wonders of nature. Walking and walking, I couldn��t help but walk to the middle of the stream. The stream was licking my ankles. My silver bell-like laugh echoed in the valley.enly, one wave, you rushed to me, I panicked, and there was a slight uneasiness in my eyes. Suddenly, a wave swallowed me, I was terrified, and my mind flashed a long time. Everything is there Parliament Cigarettes, there… I cried, my eyes were not only crying red, but also swollen by the stream Marlboro Red 100S. I don't know what's going on. In an instant, I don't know that there is a force from there that is striking my desire to survive Online Cigarettes. I have a slap in the face, but unfortunately it is a failure. I don't know if there is a star-like struggle in the stream, but I stilld my sleepy eyes and saw the mother who was guarding me. I saw that my mother was sleeping well, and it was really unbearable to wake her up. I saw the father on the head of the bed flinching into a ball, the hair is still moist, and the mouth is bloodshot. Oh, I understand, I was once again given a second life by my father. I owe him too much, and I have no reward for his kindness.


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