With a good mood, my classmates and I set foot on the car to Lanting.Lanting arrived, we were excited to get out of the car, line up the team Newport 100S, and started a day of Lanting trip Parliament Cigarettes. We first went to Lanting National Forest Park. I walked briskly in the “green avenue”, surrounded by beautiful surroundings. The combination of water and bamboo reflects the tranquility of the forest park. The pavilions of ancient and elegant are like gentle and quiet girls, adding a lot of color to the park. .We went to the barbecue area. The food scent of the face made us drool, I couldn't wait to sit down and cook the food by hand. But soon I found out that barbecue is not as easy as I expected. It not only requires some basic barbecue techniques, but also the spirit of teamwork. In a laughter, we broke away from the shackles of etiquette, chewing on the mouth, regardless of the image, releasing our innocence and wildness.After browsing Lanting National Forest Park, we went to Lanting. Stepping into the gate of Lanting, and then taking a secluded path, you will arrive at the Goose Pool. Goose pool, as the name implies, is a pool with geese. A white swan swims in the water and appreciates its beautiful reflection, becoming a beautiful scenery of Lanting.Going forward, I saw a tall pavilion in the distance, and there was a monument inside. I heard from the teacher that this is the monument of Lanting��s town pavilion: Yubei Pavilion Cigarettes Cheaper. Because the front of the monument is the “Lanting Collection” written by Emperor Kangxi, and the reverse is a seven-character poem inscribed by Emperor Qianlong, so we also call it “the grandson and grandson.” This monument, inscribed by two emperors, stands in Lanting, which is particularly eye-catching and also gives visitors an infinite imagination.Next to the monument is the legendary ink pool. It is said that Wang Xianzhi��s son, Wang Xianzhi, practiced calligraphy and wrote eighteen cylinders of water, and he now has the 18-cylinder of the current ink pool Cigarettes Online. When it comes to Lanting, famous calligraphy works are indispensable visits Cigarettes For Sale, especially Wang Lanzhi's “Lanting Preface”, which is the essence of Chinese and even world calligraphy.Time passed quietly without knowing it. When I went back to school, I reluctantly bid farewell to Lanting, brought back a good mood, and embarked on a journey back to school!