If one has an ideal, it is like finding the direction of life's efforts. Just like a lost boat that finds a lighthouse, it will work hard for it. I am the same. With ideals, I can make myself work harder in the learning process and take it to the next level in order to contribute to the modernization of the motherland Marlboro Gold Pack. China, the history of five thousand years, the inheritance of five thousand years, has gone through one dream after another. From unifying the world to today's space, we have created one real dream. They have all become ren a teacher is a sacred, hard job. Its mission is to train talent for the future of the motherland. It is very sacred and sacred. Teachers are needed everywhere in the country. But this profession is also very hard. Classes are taught every day, sometimes students are disobedient, disciplined, and even furious, and suffer from the eyes of those who are disobedient. Even if you are further grievances, you must be strong because the country needs him. Every night, when people enter their dreams, there is still a light in the room. The teacher is correcting the assignments and writing the lesson plans. One night and one night, the teachers are so latof this, I would like to be a teacher, cultivate talents for the motherland Cheap Cigarettes, and experience the hard work of ry young age I really wanted to be a teacher. I often use myself as a teacher at home to learn to teach. Now I feel that when a teacher wants to master the knowledge, he still has his own opinions, so that the knowledge can be better taught to the students. In addition, you must change your personality more cheerfully.e hecher told us to go to the spring tour on Friday to go to Lingshan in Hebi. It is said that a stone used by the gool. At about 7 o'clock, we got on the train and the car started slowly. We laughed and guided the sister Susu��s riddle along the way. After 3 After a long journey, we finally arrived at the destination. We couldn't wait to get off the bus and follow Xiaosu's sister into Lingshan. The first thing that catches the eye is a statue of a female scorpion, standing in the middle of life, then visiting the temples on the ancient mountain Marlboro Gold, including the Nuwa Temple, the Avalokitesvara Temple, the Queen Mother Temple, and so on, as well as classmates fetching water in the Nuwa Pond. Drift, play with water! After the visit, we began to clihe Five Sacred Mountains Carton Of Cigarettes, not to mention this small mountain! Some of our fast-climbing classmates, you chase after me, I am afraid that whoever first reaches the top of the mountain will have a beautiful view of the mountains. I rushed one step at a time, and the students did not show weakness. Some of them used hands and feet to climb the mountain like a monkey. Some like running, and they ran for a while. It didn't take long for us to bend over, but as the saying goes, ‘opening the bow without turning back the arrow’ Marlboro Red, only climbed up, took a break, and then climbed up. The students didn't have the enthusiasm to start climbing. I climbed more than 80 meters, and I was tired again. I leaned on the chair and gasped. I really wanted to give up at this moment. But when I saw the students below catch up with me, I thought: “Open the bow. There is no turning back arrow and persistence is victory. So I climbed up with this conviction of winning, shouting ”refueling" in my mouth! Finally I finally climbed to the top. At this time, my feet were soft, sweating, and wheezingcame up, we started to eat and play. About 12 o'clock, we started to go down the mountain, and it was much easier to go down the mountain than going up the mountain. A little more, we gathered in Lingshankou, where we bought various souvenirs, some bought strong bows, some bought push iron rings, and some bought swords, and I bought a cowboy hat to commemorate. It acts as a sunshade under the scorching sun and looks like a cowboy. At two o'clock, the car that was driving to Anyang slowly started. I left the Lingshan reluctantly.