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Some industries, especially metallurgical, chemical and food electronics, need to use vacuum environment and vacuum containers in order to achieve a completely aseptic operation, while in a vacuum environment can also be carried out, more abundant operations. For example, high temperature heat treatment, such as asepsis treatment.

The field of metallurgy and chemical industry also needs the creation of vacuum environment, so the creation of vacuum environment is due to this field, the air quality is relatively low, the air may contain more, water vapor, containing relatively more solid particles, how to use and use vacuum pump in these environments, is worth everyone concerned. Notes and research contents.

Food and drug products in China need to be treated by absolute vacuum in order to realize aseptic disinfection and drying. Vacuum pumps are obviously needed in this process. They can be used for drying, aseptic treatment, and create a better atmosphere in which foods and medicines can be preserved for a relatively long time. Therefore, they are widely recognized in these fields.

At present, our country already has very strong electronic technology ability and technology. So for the production and processing of these electronic technology products, we also need to use vacuum pumps to achieve better use of electronic tube display tubes and so on. Most of the applications in electronic technology are closely related to many fields of work in China, so we can also use vacuum pump to create a vacuum environment.[
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