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The only right way to do this is by using an apparatus called a traction device. There are several you can choose from but most are the same in design. It is assured that by using a traction device the gains are permanent and quite significant. The problem is that these traction devices can be quite painful to wear.

The normal design of a traction device is a tube like object. It has a ring at the base and at the top with adjustable rods on each side connecting the two. You put the instrument over your penis till the base ring is against your body and pull the penis to the other ring where there is a strap or noose type tube that you wrap around the penis really snug to hold the penis there. So as you can imagine it can be quite painful.

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So how do traction devices like the phallosan work?

Penis enlargement is possible because of a process called cell division. Cell Division is when one cell divides into two similar cells. Like almost any other body part, organ or gland, the human penis is composed of numerous tissues. Each tissue Mike Condon Jersey , in turn, consists of multiple cells performing similar functions. These cells, like any other cell, depend on “cell division”. Hence, cell division has a vital role in the development Mark Stone T-Shirts , growth and strength of the penis. It is thought that this process causes dramatic changes in the penis because the entire organ is subject to growth.

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ACCRA, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) – Ghanaian President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Tuesday laid the foundation stone for the construction of a new cement grinding factory in the port city of Tema, some 30 kilometers east of the capital city Accra.

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