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Blessed are those who have mothers

Blessed are those who have mothers, but sometimes they are not rare and deserved to be deserved; but as a child who died from childhood, how precious maternal love is to him. He hopes to have maternal love, but he can't get it; his young mind is destined to be bitter from urinating.I have no impression of my own biological mother; after all, when she died, I was just a full-term baby. My impression of her is from the photos, what a lonely and resentful image! I still can't keep one of her photos until now, and her impression of her has grown with the years. still keep the image of my mother in my mind. It is the nurse who gave me breastfeeding from an early age Marlboro Lights. If I have a milk, it is a mother. Because of this, I call her Mama (the name of the Hangzhou native). When the nurse came to my house, she was only 21 years old. Her husband had just died, and she had a new daughter. Soon she died of illness. She couldn't live in the country because she ignored her and said that she had killed her husband and children Marlboro Cigarettes Price. She had to go to Hangzhou as a nurse. As soon as she arrived in Hangzhou, she happened to hire someone, and someone introduced her. When her grandmother saw her clean and neat, she left her. From then on, she lived in my house for ten years.I can't remember the details of life at that time, but what I can remember is the warmth of her breastfeeding while holding me in her arms. I broke my milk later, and she still raised me. The seasons are warm and cold, and the clothes are eaten, and she is all cooking in person. She is good, her mouth is sweet, she knows the bleakness of a motherless child, so everything protects me. I am hungry, I am cold, I am deceiving other children, I went to find her. Later, when I went to school, she personally picked up the shuttle daily Carton Of Marlboro Reds. She is illiterate, but she knows that reading is an important thing. She urges me to study under the kerosene lamp every day, and often encourages me to ask for strength. Don��t let people say that she is not good with her children Newport Cigarettes Price. I am young and playful Marlboro Cigarettes, and there are many cousins ??and sisters who are similar in age. Whenever I take her to play, I refuse to read, and she shed tears in the dark. I was scared when I saw her tears, and sat down to do her homework. Grandmother said that the child should not be too tight, and the nurse said that let me do my homework, but also make me less mischievous. Therefore, I have become a polite and quiet child since I was a child.


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