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Grandmother is very old, her face

Grandmother is very old, her face is wrinkled, her hair is very white; but her eyes are like two stars, when she looks at you, there is a gentle and kind look Online Cigarettes, which makes you feel very comfortable Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. She wore a thick silk dress with a large flower on it; the skirt creaked as she walked. She will also tell good stories. Grandmother knows a lot of things, because her father and mother have not been born, she is alive - this is absolutely not wrong. She has a collection of hymns, often reading it; a rose in the page Marlboro Cigarettes Price, dried, pressed flat; it has no roses in the glass, but she shows the fastest smile on it. Even shed tears. I don't know why my grandmother saw the dried flowers in the old book. I think it might be like this: When the grandmother looked at it, the rose seemed to be resurrected, filling the room with its aroma; the walls were disappearing in the fog, and she was surrounded by the beautiful green woods. In the summer, the sun shines through the thick leaves; the grandmother becomes young and becomes a lovely girl, fresh and tender like a rose, with a red round face, a bright and beautiful hair, beautiful and elegant; but that Double eyes, the gentle and holy eyes are exactly the same - they are reserved for the grandmother. Sitting next to her, a young man, tall and strong; he gave her a rose, she smiled. Grandma can't smile like that now. Yes, she is just a recollection of the day, smiling and thinking about the past; but the handsome young man is gone, the rose is dry in the old book, the grandmother is still sitting there, changing back to one Old lady, looking down at the dried rose in the bookGrandmother has now passed away Carton Of Newports. At the time she sat on her chair with armrests to tell us a beautiful long story; when the story was finished, she said she was very tired and leaned her head back to the back of the chair to sleep for a while. We heard her quiet breathing after falling asleep; the breathing became lighter and quieter, and her face was filled with happiness and serenity, as if it were illuminated by a ray of sunshine. She smiled again, and then people said she was dead. She was put into a black coffin, and in the white pleat of the tarpaulin Cigarettes For Sale, she looked so kind and beautiful, although her eyes were closed; but every wrinkle disappeared, her hair was white and her mouth was kept Sweet smile. We are not afraid to see her body at all. She used to be such a good grandmother. The hymns still holding the rose in her head were placed under her head because she had hoped so; then they buried their grandmother.


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