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I'm NicoEchániz, developer of Cyclope 3 CMS. At Código Sur we provide web services for NGO's and Cyclope is the tool we use for them to administer their web sites.
The current stable version of Cyclope (2) was written in PHP and is now serving near 1.5K of websites.

The 3.0 version is a full rewrite in Python/Django and we are planning to inegrate DjangoBB as part of the package we offer.

The problem we are now trying to solve is how to host hundreds of django-based sites in one server without eating up all available memory (the current test server has 4Gb). Out current setup, using Apache/FCGI needs near 20Mb per project, which is not acceptable if we need to accomodate more than a thousand sites.

We were wondering if you have run into this sort of problem already, as your product is also the kind of application one could need to deploy hundreds of.

We have been reading a lot but haven't yet started testing alternatives.

I would very much like to know what are your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks a lot,
if shortly - this possible via django sites framework ( and simple middleware + some changes at

djangobb need more developers and testers for stable release B)
i u want, we can talking via jabber/gtalk
slav, thanks for your reply... we are experimenting with multi-site deployment in Cyclope. I'll let you know if we get to an interesting solution.

We are now starting to work in Cyclope - DjangoBB integration.

I added you to my gtalk/jabber: lwcyphr...
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