I updated my version to 6.4.1 and it seems that there is a problem with the “measured data analysis” tool:
After creating a .DAM file from “import ascii hourly file” tool, I am trying to run a simulation using one of my previous variants together with this .DAM file for analysing the expected yield.

If I select the .DAM file at the “meas. data” drop down menu, and I build a system variant myself from scratch, it works fine.
But if I try to import a variant with the “create from” menu, the software just ignores the .DAM file and runs the simulation with the original (meteonorm) meteo file.
With the 6.3.8 version it was working (and still is if I use the parallel install)
Has the procedure for this changed or is it an issue with the new version?
So hopefully you can give me some advice..

Please help.

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