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Django and nginx

Hi all,

I'm still a few days away from getting my first RPi (3+ months waiting!), but I've started hashing together the beginnings of a project on my Ubuntu system. I was wondering if anybody could comment on the speed that a RPi would handle something like this.Basically I want to collect data from a USB serial port and dispatch that via a Python script. The data would be fed to a database using POST data and localhost URLs served up by nginx and Django's own FastCGI handler. Django would store the information into some undetermined flavor of SQL, as well as offer some views into the data (tables, stats, etc.). I doubt there would ever be two users at a time using the system.Any insight on how it would “feel” to the user? Would the system be able to handle something like Postgre/MySQL? Also, I'm planning on stripping down the rest of the system to the bare essentials.

Please help

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