I am about to give you some tips to lose belly fat. I had one once but it s gone now. No Cheap Preston Brown Jersey , I did not exercise to lose it, I did so much sport in my teens that I hate it now. I do holistic nutrition consulting. I see many clients everyday that want tips to burn belly fat and get a fit body.


You know they call belly fat: beer belly for a reason. A twelve ounce can of beer contains anyway from 95 calories up to 210 calories depending which brand you drink. If you drink two beers everyday you could end up adding a staggering 420 calories to your daily diet, or at least 190 calories.

Beer is filled with sugars that turn in your body into empty calories which deplete your body from nutrients and enzyme burning fat. Beer calories are the ones that convert into stubborn belly fat, the ones that like to hang around for a while or may be until the end.

Instead of beer ask your bartender to make you fresh lemonade: a juice of a fresh lemon, ice cubes, and seltzer water. After a week, you should start losing stomach fat.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks contain up to twelve teaspoons of sugar in a twelve ounce serving. The human bloodstream can not hold more than two teaspoons of sugar at onetime. Adding an extra twelve teaspoons of sugar within minutes creates a biochemical and hormonal chaos in the body: glucose blood level suddenly goes up, which prompt a sudden increase in insulin blood level Cheap Ramon Humber Jersey , pushing glucose on the body cells when they don t need it., causing the stress alarm to go up, and high production of cortisol, converting extra glucose into fat and storing it in the belly where cortisol receptors are very high.

Diet Soft Drinks

Artificial sweeteners tend to be registered by the brain just like any regular sweeteners. They release the same fat making hormones, and cause the same hormonal and biochemical chaos. There are many ways to rid of belly fat; artificial sweeteners are not one of them.

Instead of soft drink, drink filtered mineral water. It should take about two weeks after you stop drinking soft drinks to see a belly fat reduction.

Get Enough Sleep

In general if you don?t get enough sleep you are not going to be able to shed the fat easily. The less you sleep the less growth hormone your body produces. Growth hormones are needed to control the body?s ratio of muscle to fat.

Also, there will be less production of the hormone Leptin. This hormone in particular is important in a weight loss diet, because it controls how much we eat and tells us when we are full.

When we don?t get enough sleep Cheap Lorenzo Alexander Jersey , the reduction of Leptin makes us crave starchy foods and sweets, even if we had eaten all the calories we needed for the day.

Some researches suggest that Leptin is produced in the body between 11pm and 1am. So if you go to bed late every night no magic pill help rid you of that belly fat.
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