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Getting a healthy Lab puppy requires some planning and careful consideration. Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world and this means , you’ll find hundreds of breeders out there, waiting to make some money. You might also wonder what it will cost to keep your pup healthy and happy, along with the price you might have to pay to get a Labrador Retriever puppy for sale. We bring you the 8 steps to make the process smoother and easier for you and your family.

1. Plan in Advance
Normally, a good breeder doesn’t have any trouble in selling his puppies. In fact, there are often waiting lists for quality pups. If you find a litter of 8+ weeks old puppies, it might be a warning sign of a poor breeder. As pet parents , you might want to start planning 6 to 12 months in advance if you’re thinking about getting a Lab home. Consider whether your family is ready for the commitment and have a structured approach to bring home the best dog for you.

2. Decide The Type of Dog You Want
Normally, Labradors are divided into two major categories – one is the show breed or pet dogs and the other is the working breed, also known as gundogs. Both the breeds look quite different and therefore, it is better to know beforehand which dog you would prefer to welcome home.

3. Finding Reputable Lab Breeders
Good quality breeders are a must when searching for your little pup. Signs of a good breeder are when the dogs are properly cared for, their health tests are done regularly and the breeders can offer all the information and follow up care to the buyers. Also look for reviews and testimonials to understand the experience of previous buyers with the breeder.

4. Find a Litter
Make a list of at least half a dozen litters so that you have a choice to select the perfect pup. You might not find the right breeder in the first instance itself, but you can always take references and visit some more breeders to find additional litters. A good breeder will send you pictures of their stud dog so that you can decide if you’d like to buy his puppies.

5. Check the Credentials
You must personally check and verify the credentials of the litter on 3 significant criteria – temperament , health and ability. Though you will have an influence on your pup’s temperament, their genes will also play a significant role. Get all copies of health certifications from the breeder and also check the dog’s ability if you want it to participate in any particular activity.

6. Narrow Down Your Litter
Once you start checking credentials, you’ll be able to narrow down the litter choices and then, you can finally select one that meets all your requirements. It also helps to talk to the breeder and make sure heshe is friendly and helpful.

7. Select the Gender
Next, you must decide whether you’d like a male or female puppy. Both can be equally hard to train at times, and neutering a female may cost you more than neutering a male pup. It is a personal preference but you must be aware of the pros and cons of both genders so that you can make an informed choice.

8. Bring Home Your Puppy!
This is the most exciting and joyful step of finding the best Labrador puppies for sale. After careful consideration , you finally get to pick your favorite pup and bring himher home as a part of your beloved family.

Make sure you take the puppy to your vet within one or two days after you bring him home so that you can be sure of his health and well-being. Also, make sure you focus properly on the selection process to get a Lab with the right temperament and good health.


Golf is a game of skill however in order to take your game to the following level, you in some cases have to leave the golf links and invest more time on the practice variety. As we all understand, golf is both a mental and physical sport. Then you require to have the correct tools, which occasionally means having the newest golf clubs to have the possibility of playing your greatest.

The physical part of golf involves how we setup to hit a shot, the airplane that we both take the club back on and make the drop-off. However the bottom line is the distance that you get from a specific club is figured out by the squareness of influence with the clubhead and the ball performance. All things thought about , the much faster the clubhead speed at effect, the longer the distance you will strike the golf ball.

That is why a golf training aid called the Medicus Power Meter could considerably assist your game. All you need to do is drop in the batteries, placed in your height in inches or centimeters and then include the length of your golf club.

Generally what the Medicus Power Meter does is to gauge your club head speed at minute of influence with the golf ball. You see the golf experts swinging away as if they could possibly knock the golf ball a nation mile.

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