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Do you know how to buy sports bluetooth headphones?

In the boring and physical exercise during the process, by listening to music to ease the fatigue is that we often do things, so this time to choose a sports headset is critical. So, what are the elements of the choice of sports bluetooth headphones?
1, modeling must be simple
We are in the sports wear equipment is sure to be as little as possible, if you are using a traditional headset, then you have to carry another mobile phone or other players, these are certainly the burden of movement.
So the best time to choose a wireless headset, only need to wear headphones, put the phone aside can listen to music, and will not miss the important phone.
2, anti-sweat waterproof
When the movement will certainly be a lot of sweating, through the ear will be often sweat infiltration caused by corrosion, life is not shortened, the sound quality will be worse, and also cause a lot of bacteria breeding.
So the waterproof function is certainly the standard head of sports headphones.
3, wear a solid comfort
We often in the movement when the running, jumping, doing equipment and other sports, which requires us to wear sports headphones will not fall because of strenuous exercise, so the choice of ear hanging, hanging and other design headphones more fit head Department, fit the ear.
In addition, if there is no good comfort, your ears are likely to feel pain and oppression, so comfort is also in the purchase of sports Bluetooth headset need special attention.
4, life and Bluetooth
A regular exercise to the gym, each time at least one hour to ensure that the exercise time, and under normal circumstances, the ordinary sports Bluetooth headset in the state of music playback at least 5,6 hours, if less than this time, Indicating insufficient battery life.
For the Bluetooth problem, first of all we have to choose to use Bluetooth 4.0 and above sports headphones; also need to pay attention to the location of the Bluetooth receiver, and some in the left earphone, and some in the right earphone, no matter where the side, we do not So that the phone and the Bluetooth receiver between the shelter, so as to better protect the stability of the signal reception.
If you need bluetooth headphones for running, smartomi brand can give you very good services. Welcome to here to have a look.


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