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Authorised Thomas Sabo jewellery stockist at Beaverbrooks

Welcome to an introduction to thomas sabo ring rea.This brand is is edgy, gothic inspired and has a whole heap of attitude.The world of bead and charm based jewellery is positively teeming with brands, arguably to the point of saturation. With this in mind it’s vital for a brand to create it’s own identity when vying for a slice of this lucrative but competitive market.Trollbeads are the founder of the “bead” style bracelet, where the charm sits on the bracelet rather than dangling from it. They’re also famed for their exquisite glass work; a title well earned. They’re popular with collectors craving more fantasy inspired designs with silvers themed around fairies, trolls, dragons and other mythical folk.
It’s worth noting that Sabo’s thomas sabo charms 2017 are based upon traditional styling; that is to say, the charms dangle from the bracelet rather than sit on it. They’re attached via a simple lobster clasp so no alterations by a jeweller are required. While they may utilise more traditional methods in creating their charm collection, dated they are not and I’d argue Sabo are the most fashion faithful of the large brands.
For the actual bracelet, the basis to any charm creation, I wanted something quite delicate. To elaborate, I have quite small wrists and a full thomas sabo armband is an eye catching, glitzy piece of jewellery. I ultimately wanted the charms to do the talking and be the focus, not the bracelet itself. As such I opted for the finest of the Sabo carrier bracelets and I’m thrilled with it. It’s simple and feminine boasting a branded hoop close to the fastening (which is a lobster clasp.)
For the same reason, I really love the thomas sabo rea. While the charms are a beautiful addition and obviously, most people purchasing this bracelet would be doing so with the ultimate aim of filling it with charms, it’s perfectly wearable without. This would also make it a stunning and affordable gift for a special someone in your life.I opted for two initial charms for this bracelet. I was delighted to discover Sabo quite recently added a miniature version of this famed Dragon to their Charm Club range, making my first choice simple.
The thomas sabo smycken rea itself is of a high shine finish, in stark contrast with it’s pendant counterpart (shown above) but in keeping with the rest of the Charm Club collection. It’s retained it’s larger size in relation to other charms and is a real focal piece. Regular readers will be accustomed to me remarking about the importance of texture in jewellery; it’s a feature that can be used to fabulous results. This little charm is heavily textured with metallic scales, teeth and horns and I’m delighted with it.


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