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#1 Oct. 17, 2017 10:38:00

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Delicious aromatic coffee wont be complete

For most people, morning without sipping that delicious aromatic coffee wont be complete, not that coffee consumption has become mandatory but theres something about the beverage that people, throughout the history, have come to patronize. But as with everything in our reach, there should always be an accompanying responsibility and when it comes to our love with coffee, there comes the cleaning of the machine that makes every cupful a delightful affair.

I know that most people are sometimes too busy to take notice that the screen has gone black than usual but set a higher standard for yourself; if you want to continually avail that espresso confection without the change in odor and taste, clean that Cake production line now.

First, filter the water or use some bottled water. If the Coffee Machine has water filter features, descale it at least once a week. During use, remove the grounds and make it a habit to rinse the portafilter immediately after every use. Clean the portafilter, screen heads, and basket thoroughly once a day. There is a highly recommended cleaning solution called Purro Caff (if unavailable, you can use tri-sodium phosphate as alternative).

Use the automatic biscuit machine method in cleaning the group head and replace the usual filter-basket with a blind filter (one without holes). Run the machine with plain water as when pulling a 15-20 seconds shot and because the filter has no holes, when you stop running the machine, the pressurized water will flush back through the group screen and group solenoid. This helps to remove the grounds and oil accumulations inside the group head. Use some Purro Caff (or tri-sodium phosphate) inside the blind filter. Repeat the ‘brewing’ several times, with 20-second pauses, to rinse properly.


#2 Oct. 4, 2018 11:44:33

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Delicious aromatic coffee wont be complete

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