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2 x M2 drives and 6 x Sata drives?

Starting to plan my next build with a 8700K if it clocks as well as rumored, (I don't wish to discuss the excellent newer AMD CPU's, please) I have peculiar needs though, ideally would like a board that can do me 2 M2 drives, an OS one and a larger 1TB M2 one for my dedicated FSX/P3D/Xplane and their scenery's, ETC, then 2 other SSD's, for Games, Military sims , and 3 large mechanical HD's for back up, also a SATA CD drive, though could go a USB CD drive for that if need be … I still need a CD drive as proof of purchase for some FS add-ons to update and to reinstall.

Considering this forthcoming MSI board below, says it can do up to 5 x M2 drives, I see it has the usual 6 normal SATA ports, not to switched on as to how it all works, read M2 drives steal normal SATA port usage or something?

Please help.


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