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Main Factors that Decrease the Output of Raymond Mills

Recently, one of our customers consulted some problems of ultrafine mill. He said that the output of his original old equipment declined when producing stone powder, which serious affected the production efficiency.
The main factors causing the production decline of Raymond Mills are:
1. The materials are too much or too little.
The feeding speed of Raymond mill can not be too fast or too slow, too much material will affect the performance of equipment, and too little material leads to mill idling, thus seriously affecting the production capacity.
2. Spare parts damage.
Damage to any part will have a greater impact on the final output. Thereforeļ¼Œfan, grinding roller and other important parts should be checked on time to find the problem and solve in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
3. The raw materials are too wet.
Large material moisture is the main reason for the decrease of stone powder production, which not only increases the difficulty of milling, but also makes the materials easier to plug the powder channel, thus leading to unsmooth work of ore milling equipment and resulting in a decline in production capacity.
4. Serious wear of equipment.
Raymond Mill mainly achieves the grinding process replying on grinding roller and ring. If the damage is serious, then the material will not be ground to the user's desired fineness, and will continue to cycle in the mill, resulting in a decline in production.


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