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Advice for improving the efficiency of ball mill

How to improve the working efficiency of ball mill? Here we gives you some advice:The processing capacity of ball mill increases with the filling rate of the steel ball. Improving the filling rate increases the chance of steel ball grinding and the self-grinding effect of ores. The ball mill load is the largest when the steel ball's filling rate reaches 45%, and the load will decline dramatically if filling rate exceeds 45%.
Increase the effective volume can improve its productivity. The thick lining board and heavy weight not only improves the power consumption, but also reduces the cylinder volume and the production efficiency of ore milling equipment. To choose magnetic lining can increase the effective volume of the cylinder at the same time of reducing the weight and power consumption.
We can choose oval ball medium instead of current ball medium, and compared with ball medium, the oval ball has advantages as follows: oval ball is 62% heavier than ball with the same diameter, so it has a stronger impact force and a stronger crushing capacity. The line contact of oval ball replaces the spot contact of ball, having a contact area 4 times larger than the latter. So it have a better grinding and screening effect to materials and no over grinding phenomenon. Its final products are even in granularity.


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