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Magento 2 Affiliate / Refer friends Extension

Magento 2 Affiliate extension is one of the most effective marketing solution for selling online. Creating affiliate program on your website, it helps you to boost traffic, leads, sales or higher SEO rankings.
Unlimited Affiliate accounts
Unlimited Affiliate Campaigns
Banner and Links
Smart Referral Links
Email Notifications
What is Affiliate Marketing?

By the easy way to understand, Affiliate Marketing brings a great chance to make money online when publishers called as Affiliates effortlessly assist the business in advertising your products, services or site. Just visit online store, find the favorite item and then share as well as refer it to others. And the awarded prize is an amount of commissions that is a piece of profit store owners as you give to them when a sale is created. Apparently, it is simple to know that Affiliate Marketing establishes subtly a beneficial relationship between store owners and consumers.

Why Magento 2 Affiliate extension?

Discovering the huge benefits from Affiliate Marketing, Mageplaza confidently releases Affiliate extension based on Magento 2 platform for all eCommerce stores. Mageplaza Refer Friends module becomes a crucial marketing tool when allowing to build multiple affiliate programs with a variety of actions to earn the commission as you need for the own Affiliate system. Coming with Magento 2 Affiliate Standard edition, you will arm the most necessary features for the successful marketing strategies.
Multiple Affiliate Programs
Multiple Affiliate Programs

With Magento 2 Affiliate by, as administrator, store owner can generate Affiliate programs as many as possible without limitation. Each campaign will be assigned to specific Affiliate Groups and the exact duration if you need.

Multi-level Marketing
Multi-level Marketing functionality allows you to add unlimited tiers and set the different the level of commissions for each tier of Affiliate network.

For example, beside getting 10% value of an order that Tier 1 creates, Magento store owners also allow their Affiliates receive 5% value of the order from Tier 2 even Tier 3 or Tier 4 depending on your strategy at this time.
The larger Affiliate network, the much more money Affiliate earns. Hence, Multi-Level Marketing is the powerful reward program from Mageplaza Affiliate Standard to promote the network expansion, that means you will own the robust sales representative to drive your sales growth.

Businesses face several challenges throughout the order fulfillment process. Order Management Reports These include challenges related to demand planning, inventory management, supply chain optimization, logistics planning, and several other complex concerns. However, at the risk of over-simplifying matters, what it really boils …


Aheadworks partnership

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Magento 2 Affiliate / Refer friends Extension


Magento 2 Demo Store Frontend

Just like in the backend, Magento 2 changes the default color of the frontend interface.Magento 2 Demo Now, it is represented in discreet gray colors with a lot of free space on the home page, where you can place banners, galleries, or anything else necessary for plentiful sales.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain the various Magento URL rewrite settings.
Product, Category and CMS page URL Settings

When you add or edit a product or a category, you can configure a setting labeled “URL key”. This key allows you to set the URL of that particular product or that specific category freely.

Let me elaborate with an example:
Magento URL Rewrites
When you add a product or a category by simply going to the catalog > Manage Products> Add Product button, or when you edit it by going to Catalog> Manage Products> Edit button for the particular product that you want to alter, on the general page that’s displayed by clicking on the General button on the left.

What is the difference between Backorder and Pre-order

While we might sometimes hardly distinguish back-order and pre-order, there are differences between them. Magento Back Order Although they’re both ordering action when the goods is not present in the inventory, the key is: pre-order is when customer demand on not-yet-released products in the market, and they want to have them as soon as they’re available. While back-order means the product was in stock, but the moment customer wanted to buy it, it wasn’t, and the customer would have it as soon as it is restocked. And backorder is a built-in feature in Magento, but preorder is not.

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