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Offering comfortable shoes and acce ssories in fashion trend

By now you’ve probably heard that last week, Converse began the next phase in its 107-year history when it unveiled the zapatillas converse baratas mujer. I was one of over 100 journalists from around the globe who were invited to Boston—site of Converse’s impressive global headquarters—for the introduction of what the shoe company was calling its most important product launch ever.That’s not hyperbole. Converse rented out a cavernous warehouse for the launch event, and President and CEO, Jim Calhoun, Vice President and General Manager of Converse All Star, Richard Copcutt, and Bryan Cioffi, Vice President and Creative Director of Global Footwear, were all on hand to address the media. Clearly, the company has a lot riding on this.
The Chuck Taylor is arguably the most iconic sneaker in the world, undergoing an unprecedented evolution in the cultural landscape since its debut in 1917. A popular basketball shoe for much of the 20th Century, somewhere along the way the Chuck became a signifier of a certain kind of cool, coveted by rockers, skaters, rappers, and anyone with a rebellious spirit. Messing with such an iconic product represented a huge risk for Converse, a fact that was emphasized by the extensive market research that was done before creating the zapatillas converse hombre baratas.
Copcutt, who told us that he got married in his Chucks, said the company spoke to “actors, dancers, chefs, designer, graphic artists, graffiti artists, screenwriters, butchers, bakers,” searching for feedback on the sneaker’s role in their day-to-day lives. In the end, their mandate became not necessarily to upgrade the shoe’s look—which they managed to do, albeit subtly—but instead, to concentrate on how the shoe feels once you put it on. For all its culture cache, the Chuck has never been the most comfortable shoe to wear, which the brand acknowledged. With the zapatillas converse botas, that’s changed.
Enter the zapatillas converse chuck taylor all star . The most recent iteration of the beloved classic takes the instantly recognisable silhouette and tweaks it with ingeniously subtle water-repellent tech – ensuring your feet stay dryer than a well-timed dad joke. Well, at least that’s what the press release said – but over here at SF HQ we’re a hands on bunch. That’s why our senior editorial team acquired a pair of the sneakers, waited until a day of particularly inclement weather, and tasked me with pushing the shoes to their absolute limit.

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