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Browse our collection and find your sole mate

This past June, Salomon launched their latest update to their fleet, the salomon speedcross 4 gtx herren. Runners and hikers familiar with Salomon and the Speedcross line have come to love this shoe for what it is, a technical trail shoe that begs to play in the mud and steep stuff.Snug like a glove fit. The open toebox allows my foot to expand and/or push forward on the downhill, but isn't so loosey goosey it feels void of support. Mudguard material surrounding entire base of shoe not only protects from mud, dirt, snow, but shields against rocks crashing in to my forefoot upon impact with trail. The new sole design maintains classic grip I’ve come to LOVE and EXPECT from the Speedcross style. It's not my every day trail shoe, I need more cushioning; days I know there will be rocky terrain and some scrambling, this baby performs.
There’s so many things to like about this shoe salomon speedcross pro damen schuhe, so I’ll focus my comments on the top three that stand out in my mind.I look for this technology in every shoe I pick up. It really works! When I run trails, I want my shoe to stay snug on my feet. Any movement in my shoe and I get nervous that I will roll my ankle on the next rock bed.The lugs on the Speedcross 4 work in any environment or trail condition you may run in. Although, these wouldn’t be my first choice on a hard packed smooth trail system. Soft, technical trails with obstacles is where the Speedcross 4 excels, and you really want it to in these types of conditions.These shoes shed everything you throw at it, it’s truly amazing. I found myself running through mud puddles like an adolescent school child without a care in the world. My feet never felt heavy and there was still no movement in the shoe even after getting wet.
Quick-lacing, adorned with toothy, aggressive tread, and built with a big shock absorbing heel, the Speedcross from Salomon is a quick beast of a trail-running shoe. Many people love it, and it’s a perennial top-seller. But some think it’s over-built compared with more minimal options from Salomon or other brands.The company upgraded a couple key areas with the salomon schuhe damen sale. We took it for tests on a rugged multi-day Colorado mountain route and a series of trail runs in Minnesota, near the GearJunkie HQ.Undeniably, the Speedcross 4 has amazing traction. Its chevron tread bites dirt, and the lugs are tall enough to dig into the terrain underfoot and absorb impact.
Apart from using my old Speedcross for a 100 miler, I don’t really run in shoes quite as built up as Speedcross these days. My preferred training and racing shoes are much lighter (salomon schuhe herren outlet) so it’s quite odd pulling them out of the box and seeing that familiar big heel! It’s noticeable how much more rounded the toe box is on the new model. I’ve personally never had a problem with the pointier toe of the older model but I’d imagine this one will be a better fit for many more people. I think aesthetically it makes the shoe a little nicer looking too.


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