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With nearly a century of footwear innovation under its laces

In late July, Boston-based Converse made headlines with news that it was set to release an updated version of the beloved converse all star chuck taylor blancas sneaker. Since the design of the original All Star had changed very little over the course of its 98-year history, some saw this as the sneaker world equivalent of drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Others were quick to point out that,while certainly iconic, the original shoes didn't offer much in the support department and that a redesign was long overdue.So what's different? The exterior of the sneaker — which comes in black, white, red or blue — hasn't changed much. The canvas in the upper is described in press materials as “premium,” though to the touch it's indistinguishable from standard-issue canvas. Monochrome matte eyelets give the shoes a slightly less cluttered look. The foxing (the white rubber sidewall where the canvas upper meets the sole) is slightly thicker, and the All Star logo patch on the inside heel of the high-top is embroidered instead of printed.

On February 15th Converse will debut its First String 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Collection. Subtle at first sight, we love the idea that the Converse team has turned around here – the “70s Chuck” is re-crafted to the specifications of the Chuck Taylor All Star of the ‘70s.Probably the best thing about the converse chuck taylor 70 baratas is the return to all rubber outer soles, instead of the composite materials that have been used since manufacture went over to Asia. You notice the difference when you walk or run in a pair. With these outer soles, you really feel like you are wearing a vintage pair of chucks. You can even get a whiff of that rubber smell that used to be one of the cool features of a new pair of chucks back then.“The 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star collection features slight differences that, at first, may only be recognizable to collectors and astute fans; however, upon careful inspection the sneaker features slightly higher rubber foxing along the sole, added cushioning and a slightly more substantial toe box. Additional vintage details include stitching on the sidewall, a vintage license plate on the heel and a super heavy-grade canvas upper.

Upon introducing the new converse jack purcell españa in February of this year, Converse looks to keep the JP spinoffs rolling, here presenting the Jack Purcell Signature Slip. The revamped take on the classic Converse silhouette notes construction from two-ply duck canvas, as each model is lightweight and breathable, making them great plays for the warm weather months. The signature toecap is still present on each silhouette, as we note the Jack Purcell Signature coming in two colorway options for Spring 2015, and the Jack Purcell Signature Slip in three. The Signature boasts contrasting white laces that match the midsole, while the Slip also notes an offsetting white sole, but is of course laceless.Converse’s range of sneakers need no introduction as they are a global brand with almost cult-like following. Steeped in history, unique in design and reliable in function, Converse has never failed anyone. So, make your feet happy and skip to the beat of your life’s rhythm with this fun sneakers. The Converse Jack Purcell will help you climb the ladder of fun and style effortlessly. The original and unique design from the renowned brand will make your feet tapping to the music of your life wherever you are going and implore you to seize the day.

When we first got word that Converse was updating its most famous sneaker, the converse all star baratas, we were admittedly skeptical. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, you know? But after seeing the new style in person, with its perforated liner, cushy padding, Nike insole, and stripped down aesthetic, there's no denying that the Chuck Taylor All Star II is a chip off the nearly 100-year-old block.This isn't just a matter of comfort. The shoe in general looks more fit for 2015 than the original, thanks to the lack of red contrast stitching around the welt and matching color eyelets (black on the black colorway, red on red, etc.). But these are incremental and subtle improvements, none of which take away from the sheer wearability and style that made Chucks an icon in the first place. It also has a full length phylon midsole, so it is extremely light weight and comfortable. There is a neoprene tongue and lining for added comfort, a huge improvement from just canvas. Instead of a rubber toecap, this one is fused, for added durability. Finally it has Nike Hypefuse construction for lightweight durability and support.

Always a winning color combination on literally any sneaker, black, red, and white combine once again for a strong look on this latest Nike Huarache Ultra


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