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Love the feeling

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#1 June 16, 2016 05:24:51

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Love the feeling

I opened a bag of soft beauty. How beautifu the first really tough is!Having enough Spied alcohol Flue Cigarettes For Sale gas concentration But it is some meng.Another Marlboro Newport Cigarettes Price cigarettes after a break, when I take a Marlboro cigarettes and a whole person seems to parry the afternoon this surge. Thick anxious #dsfygsujHFYGguh606# burnt taste with oral man is like the taste, which itself is like the fragrance of chocolate flavor, but domestic flue-cured tobacco smell is basically soft hard white sands of the taste.

Just sucking at the first time, I feel very uncomfortable. My throat is Marlboro Cigarettes Price full of dull breath. And then the second root, I find a little feeling, imports of absorption have some bitter, like when spitting out own sadness also slowly fade out a lot. At this time but I have great sympathy for the three called cannot resist the girl, I think, I with them as, like to see a wolf's Little Red Riding Hood, wanted to run off at once. I suddenly remembered that I have seen in the book, but has not really understand the words: if away from the cordial, but also far away from the integrity. Suddenly, I understand the reason for it..

That a log of the chair, like a basket of flowers, in which lies a gray rose. All Marlboro Lights the morning, indulge in the warmth of a chocolate, a connected a smoke. At three o'clock in the afternoon, people slowly built up, slowly move their body, she wanted to stand up, look, cigarette and a cigarette end, and sat down again, point, match lit the dark corner, his face exposed the gloomy deep traces.

Love the feeling of cigarette, but never to smoke, feel the smoke image is a kind of existence in my mind, don’t want to smoke, do not want to enter a atmosphere, as some things are looking very good, if close, is surprisingly bad, this is my love so stubborn. People will understand your heart. The depths of the heavy and not lost, Cigarettes Online I also understand Online Cigarettes that you are a out of the ordinary woman in the eyes of others..

A long time ago, watching the other men one Marlboro cigarette after puff, the young and handsome face in the smoke looked so decadent so blue so dazed, I realized that a deep-seated distressed. Then she remembered. I lit a cigarette again moment, I knew, he was no longer looking forward to someone else’ care or distressed.

According to reports, before the fragrance of mint, and now developed fruit flavors, such as apple and orange flavor. From the content of tar, tar content except with prescribed standard. Besides, there are some manufacturers out of the “harmony” and “environmental protection” banner, claiming the tar content of less smoke is small.


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