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#1 Jan. 23, 2010 05:22:31

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How to install ? :/

Im trying a lot to install this on my already running site, but i just cant

Here is my structure:

ps3t/ - project
ps3t/myps3t/ - app

download the djangobb .tar.gz and put that on ps3t/dir.

Added on INSTALLED_APPS the keyword 'ps3t.djangobb'

When i run 'python syncdb' not is returned ...

is this the way to install djangobb ?

im bit confused

sorry ...


#2 Jan. 23, 2010 22:59:43

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How to install ? :/

The djangobb dir is not a django app but an entire project. If you want to include the djangobb forum into your project use the "djangobb_forum" directory.

I hope that helps, I'm currently trying to set up djangobb myself.


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