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#1 Sept. 24, 2012 22:28:39

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some security ques


First, this is prob the best py forum software going.
Second, just wondering before I look at everything if you have solutions for the following:

-preventing users from spamming PMs to all users, or multiple users
-preventing mass posts (post limit?)
-preventing brute force of login (though I guess you use django-login)
-preventing search dos by limiting searches/timeout so you can't search over and over with a script (both user search and reg search)
-preventing mass account signup (captcha? though kind of useless, captcha long since broken by human captcha farms or scripts)


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#2 Sept. 25, 2012 15:32:46

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some security ques

signup and brute force of login this is not forum problem
we used django-authopenid for demo, but other users - social-auth for example, etc.
maybe it can be exist at projects/ dir but not in core

Antispam planned but don't know when it will be done, i planned adding something like Throttling decorator from django-piston


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