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#1 Sept. 21, 2012 11:02:45

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HTMLParseError: malformed start tag

Users can get HTMLParseError in DjangoBB if he use Python <2.7.3

IMHO this should be added to the (not existing) README.

The Problem is in HTMLParser while replacing text smilies with pictures to exclude ‘a’, ‘pre’ and ‘span’ blocks.
Example and more info here:

A work-a-round is to disable smiles support with settings.DJANGOBB_SMILES_SUPPORT = False

Other work-a-round is to change smiles() in ./djangobb_forum/ to e.g.:

def smiles(data):
    Replace text smiles.
        parser = ExcludeTagsHTMLParser(_smile_replacer)
        smiled_html = parser.html
    except HTMLParseError, err:
        smiled_html = data
    return smiled_html
So smilies would not replaced with picture, if HTMLParser can't parse the text.

EDIT: Create for this


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