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code test

# Same as origin render_bbcode, but turn on pygments_line_numbers
_postmarkup = create(use_pygments=pygments_available, annotate_links=False, pygments_line_numbers=True)
render_bbcode = _postmarkup.render_to_html
def convert_text_to_html(text, markup):
    if markup == 'bbcode':
        text = render_bbcode(text)
    elif markup == 'markdown':
        text = markdown.markdown(text, safe_mode='escape')
        raise Exception('Invalid markup property: %s' % markup)
    return urlize(text)

Some of my Projects:
* Migrate phpBB to DjangoBB with django-phpBB3
* DjangoBB github repro and information about my changes
* PyLucid CMS written in Django:


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