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Full Version: disable "delete_selected" admin action only for DjangoBB models
Root » Bugs » disable "delete_selected" admin action only for DjangoBB models
I notice that'delete_selected') would disable the action for all models.

I changed the file to disable the action only for DjangoBB models:

btw. why is this really needed? The comment says:
# disabled, because delete_selected ignoring delete model method

So model_instance.delete() would not be called? maybe would help?
it will be veeeeeryyy sloooow
deleting 100 objects ~= 100 delete operation + 100 select + 100 update + overhead from python

maybe on_delete action can help with action (but not with perfomance)

i don't played with new on_delete FK params in django 1.4 + for this django 1.3 support must be dropped
The boring thing is, that you can't select a few post in the admin and delete it via actions.

In which scenario do you delete hundreds of post in a bulk?
./ shell

ok, i will check is on_drop called via action
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