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see also: and

Think there is no anti flooding mechanism in DjangoBB, now. Isn't it?

btw. In PyLucid i have a simple ban function. The Principe is simple: I add logging entries and if in a defined time too many entries, the IP address would be added to the ban model. This model would be used in the middleware to ban…



e.g. the search view used:

view code here:

request_limit() code here:

If some interest in this, i will cut out the code into a separate app and contribute it. I would like to add it as a separated app to django-tools in the past:

Maybe it make sence to use the cache system and not a model for this.
now exist only Ban model and middleware but i do not remember is it work B))

what about request_limit i mostly like something as @throttle decorator in piston: , logging to DB is not good idea imho (why not counting request in cache like this done in piston?)
+ time limits must exists as djangobb setting
Yes using the cache is a very good idea!

Maybe i will add this into django-tools and use it in PyLucid.
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