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I looked into the sourcecode of both projects and find many similar stuff.

Was the base of the two projects the same in the past?
btw. The source and functionality of DjangoBB and PyBBM seems to be very similar…

What's about a merge of the two projects to combine the man power?
differences between the the projects i found:
* DjangoBB has “Lo-Fi Version” templates, e.g:
* The user profile page in DjangoBB has more features
* PyBBM has a automatic thread subscription (But it's always on as default?) DjangoBB not:
* PyBBM has no “who is online” feature
* DjangoBB has source code highlighting, PyBBM not:
* PyBBM has no search function:
* PyBBM has no “list own posts”, “list subscriptions”

Have i missed points?

all forked from pybb, pybbm forked later
What's about a merge of the two projects to combine the man power?

we have a different vision of what a forum, and what funcionality is needed

DjangoBB first of all developed for

+ i hating hollywars, pybbm is good and was more active in this year (+do some good changes that i only planned)
(+do some good changes that i only planned)
which changes do you mean? In my current view i see that DjangoBB has more feature and some of them are must-have for me…

btw. a history of DjangoBB would be interesting
test coverage, docs, django profile support (tnis is not easy i don't like wat that used in pybbm), anonymous posting, bootstrup2 for templates.

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