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I have been using DjangoBB for over a year now on a website. Since this website is not very large scale, I ended up using “forum/base.html” to extend templates from other apps I built in the project, to give the site a consistent theme throughout.

I am planning on building a custom framework ontop of Django, something like what Pinax did, but this will be for my own purposes. I plan on using DjangoBB as the forum component.

The problem is, I need a way for DjangoBB to be fully pluggable. If a client does not require a forum, then the rest of the components shouldn't fail, and if they do request a forum component, it should integrate well into the websites overall theme.

What is the best approach into doing this? How should I modify the DjangoBB default templates to correctly integrate with a custom base template for an entire website, and make sure that DjangoBB will still work? I would rather just modify the templates and not the python source of DjangoBB, as I do plan on upgrading a default app directory for the framework when needed.
forum/base.html is ok.
djangobb is mostly pluggable, now only profiles and search are sucks, maybe latter i will move profile model to the djangobb/projects/ and replacement to AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE + added enable/disable param for search

Такая же проблема. Не могу красиво встроить форум изза того что профиль жестко встроен на уровне архитектуры, так что не вижу способа его расширить и вынести настройки профиля в отдельную общую модель/представление, разве только как править код форума, что закрывает возможность обновления и вообще неправильно. Что делать и какие планы по поводу этой ситуации?

Сам форум весьма хорош, по крайней мере под питон/джанго ничего адекватнее пока не увидал.
maybe latter i will move profile model
Django 1.5 has some changes in usermodels. Maybe it's a good idea to wait for this changes.
+1, waiting for 1.5
It's so hard to wait when you need it now
Maybe… But it doesn't make sense to implement a own solution if django 1.5 is on the way…

Don't know if it makes sense to temporary backport 1.5 solutions?
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