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Full Version: How to share login with another Django app? CAS? Multiple Databases? Database witchery?
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I need some advice on solving our problem: the goal is that users who log in to our current, established Django1.3-based website should not have to log in to the Djangobb forum.

1. I tried putting Djangobb in the same database as my Django1.3, but it failed when it was unable to create certain tables. Is it common practice to run multiple applications in a single database, given how Django will use default naming for tables?

2. Next, I tried “stealing” the session information using Djangobb, but it was too smart for me. Even if I set the secret-key to be the same, Djangobb would create a new session instead of using Django1.3's session. How can I have Djangobb “scrape” off the username from the Django1.3 session?

3. Then, I tried using Django's multiple-database and routing system. This, however, fails when python tries to “if” statement a Null object. I'm not certain, but is this because of djangobb's tie into Authopenid? Where do I need to look to pull Authopenid out of Djangobb complete - and switch it to only use Django's default contrib.auth?

4. Lastly, I tried setting up django-cas. I believe this doesn't work because djangobb uses the Authopenid application. I couldn't even convince djangobb to fail using django-cas. I believe this is my least desirable option, since it means re-writing the Django1.3 auth system, also (which is a little bit more involved).

These are four ways that should all accomplish my goal - my goal was to drop a lightweight forum on top of my application quickly. Instead, I've been spending hours investigating all of these options, but my limited expertise just keeps me spinning around in loops. Has anyone else already done this? Can someone tell me what I need to do or learn to make this happen?

we using default django auth system, i don't think that that possible without hacks;
most easies way - create new db and start djangobb as new project at subdomain for example
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