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It is possible to insert an image into a post but only by specifying a URL. However, it is possible to upload attachments. Why is it not possible to upload an image and display it in the text?

I realise that many forum applications (not just Djangobb) have this restriction.
possible if u attached and edited post and added link to attach %), but only if user authoricated, becouse by default download attaches forbitten for anonymous users

Thanks for the suggested solution. However, for new, or infrequent, users it is a bit convoluted. Clicking a button and uploading an image inline would be more intuitive. Is this a restriction imposed by the use of MarkItUp or is there another reason?
no restriction, i don't have time now for devleopment, maybe later)
Thanks slav0nic.

It is not a “deal breaker” but it would be nice to have. I will add it to the Feature requests board so it doesn't get forgotten about
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