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#1 March 23, 2011 15:21:16

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authopenid and python2.6

plaing in console with openid module like:

from openid.fetchers import getDefaultFetcher, fetch

maybe this will be help understand why this problem caused, olsy as i saw, python-openid used httplib2/pycurl if it installed


#2 March 24, 2011 13:46:48

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authopenid and python2.6

hey slav0nic :-)

finally i managed it. i tried a lot of things. debugging tcp, udp, ssh, well millions of things.
returned the same failure as my django-application.
Error 28 Connection timed out.

after sniffing a lot on the network-traffic, i realized that there is a lot of UDP query on the DNS domain name server. And the used domain name server was own router. I told my server to use my router as the DNS.
What normally is ok i think. The Router DNS works for all my other computers well.

But i saw the big amount of DNS queries in the UDP traffic.
Thanks to tshark sniffing software.
On ubuntu/debian in terminal type: tshark -f "udp" -i eth0 to check the UDP traffic.
first: sudo apt-get install tshark
This UDP traffic starts when you hit an OpenID provider such as google.

OK what solved my problem?
I told my server to use another DNS, not the one included in my router.
And voila now everything works fine.

Hope no other pure guy will get such a damned failure, because it was hard to find, as the DNS is working quite well.
So i changed the DNS from my router to the DNS offered by the internet provider.
And everything is working as expected now! OpenID rocks! :-)

Thank you slav0nic for your time.
You helped me a lot!

Best greetings

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